July Artisanal Bazaar @ LilaSky

Artwalk with a twist

Last week we hosted our second Artisanal Bazaar. It was less busy than last month but OMG was it hot outside! This time around we had the support of four amazing women who also very inspiring. These lovely women, resident songwriter and music performer Stephany Romay (@stephanieromay), Stephanie's sister Orly Romay (@vintasoulworld), Marie Whitman (@eatyourpoem) and last but not least, Venezuelan artist Ariana Villar (@Av_artist). They are such a great support not only for the community but for me as well.

Parallel to Hollywood's Art Walk, our Bazaar ran from 5 - 10 pm. This time around we mixed things up and had live art from the talented Venezuelan artist Ariana Villar who created an incredible art piece from scratch right in our front door. This was such an incredible experience to see her art piece come to life from inception to completion! People gather around as she was sketching and painting her piece. It was really a great experience for whoever happened to walk through our storefront. 

Meanwhile inside, the Romay sisters made themselves at home and set up a beautiful pop up display for Vinta Soul . I took the opportunity to also have a couple of poems written for my kids by Marie Whitman and I right on the spot. Thank you again Marie for these lovely words. I have them hanging at the store as a daily reminder of what a bless to have my children <3 

It turned out to be a great night. By the end of the evening I was super happy of our turnout. What I enjoyed the most was hosting these wonderful women as well as our guests. I think everyone who attended got a glimpse of the wonderful work we're doing downtown Hollywood. Lots of positive feedback to our pop up stores as well as our own. 

Come join us next time!

For more pics & videos from this wonderful event please visit our photo album.