Play With Me, Connect With Me

Words are the most demeaning replacement for a feeling. You can never explain to someone the connections you have and what that has carried through with you.

The ability to connect with people further than a surface level interaction is the rooted goal of Lila Sky. It does not hold the mediocre intention of a simple “cool store”. It is being designed to incorporate a feeling of peace, community, and relatability. The current world lacks those powers that we were all born with. As a baby, we began with no words and no signs, we began with connection. We wanted to understand our parents through the tones they used and the eyes they spoke to us with. We asked for nothing more than the unconditional love. As a child, we could see who a person was if they picked up the toy we gave them and if we were able to lure them into play. When the adults no longer picked it up, we knew that they lost their willingness to connect beyond what they physically saw in us. The imagination and the possibilities of dreaming were gone along with it.

Restoring that ability to connect is not an easy task to say the least. We are still on that journey with self awareness. We need to understand that the person sitting right next to you at this moment can teach you something you could never understand by yourself. The biggest step you can take right now is to say, “hello”. And with that, you have started breaking down that barrier. You simply don’t know what you don’t know until the blind spots are seen by someone else. The opportunity now is paying it forward by starting with this as the foundation to Lila Sky.